Console on Web GUI doesn't work


I was setting up a new server with SmartOS 20161208T003707Z. As I couldn't install FiFo 0.8.3 (AVX not supported), installed the 0.9.0. Worked fine with lx-zones.
After install a KVM zone, I clicked on console option of the VM.
The console page opened, but returned an error:
_"Server Disconnected (code: 1006)"

I looked for the "vmadm info UUID vnc", and the configuration was there.
Connected directly from a VNC client on my computer and it worked.
But rebooting the FIFO VM or the whole machine, the web console doesn't work.
I found the following errors on the browser (Google Chrome) console:

"WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: HTTP Authentication failed; no valid credentials available"_

"New state 'failed', was 'connect'. Msg: Server disconnected (code: 1006)"

"WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:17523/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

The messages are exactly as the Chrome console showed me.


Smartos 20161208T003707Z running on a SuperMicro Motherboard, with 48GB DDR3 RAM.
2x Xeon X5660 processors.
4x 2tb SATA disks mirrored, with lz4 compression on the zones pool active.
Machine is not in production. System is clean and fresh.
Fifo installed by the online tutorial in, with the leofs zones also as the tutorial explanes.
Datasets downloaded from (original conf).


Heinz N. Gies


Jonathan Falcão




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