jingles-0.6.1p3 breaks graphs and live ui updates


Various users were reporting problems with no performance graphs and no live data / updates in the Ui after clean installs of fifo. E.g. no % complete when importing datasets or MB uploaded when creating backups.

I also noticed that when users were posting screenshots etc often there would be a not connected icon in the top right corner of the Jingles ui.

I had a hunch it was hunter related and altho my install was on the latest version of chunter and jingles I decided to run the counter updates script on my nodes and see what would happen.

#The Result

Immediately following a chunter update the same bug/issue was seen on my fifo, no graphs no live updates etc. I tried various things in troubleshooting. namely:

  • downgrading to earlier versions of chunter

  • restarting chunter and fifo services

  • clearning browser cache

  • removing hypervisor manually via fifoadm

Eventually the trick for that solved the issue was to perform the following actions in this sequence.

  • Downgrade jingles to fifo-jingles-0.6.1p2 from fifo-jingles-0.6.1p3

  • Restart fifo services

  • Manually remove hypervisors via "fifoadm hypervisors delete uuid"

  • Restart hunter on the nodes.


Following this above sequence graph and live updates immediately return.

These sequence/steps has been confirmed to resolve the issue for other users effected e.g. Digidaz with clean install.

It appears that something related to fifo-jingles-0.6.1p3 in combination with chunter is causing the issue.


Wiggle 0.6.1p8
Sniffle 0.6.1p12
Snarl 0.6.1p5-2-g0101237
Howl 0.6.1p1
Jingles 0.6.1p3


Heinz N. Gies


Mark Slatem




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