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Cerberus Ticket workflow suggestions


I have seen a couple of ticket comments and frustrated replies from Heinz - requesting additional information or logs. Which of course is understandable.

Currently as mentioned previously - I am trying to use the ticketing system according to the GTD de-cluttering method which in essence mandates the removal of an issue from the back of my mind to a ticket record so that it can be addressed later and not forgotten. It does not mean heinz has to work on the ticket immediately altho in many cases a simple mention of a problem without any logs would suffice in heinz or others performing the exact action to see if the said issue is reproducible for themselves.

The main reason for this is to attempt to not interrupt my workflow when working on styling, design or writing documentation etc - to have to perform deep dives into interrogating logs and jumping into hypervisors and myriad service troubleshooting which seriously blows away my productivity and impedes my workflow. If I had to do this every time I came across an issue I would not get anything done and spend the majority of my time log gathering and deep diving.

So in essence to address this there are a couple of suggested ways of handling this :

1) I can not assign the ticket to Heinz until a much later date when I have the time to Log deep dive and play Hypervisor and Service Hoppity Hop This may work as I believe that Heinz still looks at all tickets logged, regardless of the assignee or assignor and would be enough to get the ticket on his radar should he find it of interest.

2) I could write at the top of the ticket a message that lets folks know that the ticket is not yet at the comprehensive deep dive log analysis stage and that its simply been created for brevity at the time of issue observation for later analysis.

3) Add new selectable ticket fields to indicate the ticket has been collected at the quick observation stage - and does not yet have deep dive logs available

4) Add a easy and polite way for folks to be able to glance at a ticket see if the problem is reproducible for them following the same steps as noted by the ticket reporter/creator/problem-observer - and if not then set the ticket state to requesting additional logs please.

Ideally, a helpful solution or workflow suggestion that resonates with "Heinz" to avoid the "frustration factor" to follow in ticket response please.





Heinz N. Gies


Mark Slatem




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